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Pediatric Nephrology - What and Why


  • The body's filtration mechanism, the kidneys, perform a crucial function in maintaining water balance and removing wastes through urine. Additionally, they assist in controlling calcium and mineral levels, the generation of red blood cells, and blood pressure. However, occasionally the kidneys do not mature properly and do not perform as they ought to. These issues are frequently inherited and not the result of anything a parent did or did not do. Many of these issues can be identified via standard prenatal testing before a baby is born, and they can be corrected with medicine or surgery while the kid is still a small child. Later issues might manifest with symptoms including high blood pressure (hypertension), development issues, or UTIs in the urinary system.
  • Pediatric nephrology is focused on the diagnosis and treatment of kids who have a range of acute and long-term kidney-related conditions. This division of medicine assesses and manages kidney failure, glomerulonephritis, nephrolithiasis, renal tubular acidosis, hematuria, and proteinuria. Additionally, pediatric nephrology often also includes thorough treatment for kids with end-stage renal disease, including hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, and care following kidney transplantation. 
  • This is an area of medicine that may not be a common term among parents, owing to its lesser popularity among issues in kids. However, kidney issues in any individual pose serious risks if they are not inspected and treated, so it is advised to never ignore them and visit a pediatric kidney specialist. With children, it is advisable to start treatment as early as possible, possibly from the best pediatric nephrologist in the city, since these health issues may cause concerns in their health and overall development in the future.
  • Kidney failure, high blood pressure, hereditary kidney illnesses, kidney stones, urinary tract infections, and anomalies in the urine, such as blood and protein, are just a few of the conditions that paediatric nephrologists diagnose, treat, and manage. Additionally, they are skilled in diagnosing and managing growth and development issues that are directly connected to chronic renal disease. They are also adept at assisting patients in making the switch from paediatric to adult-focused nephrologists and urologists. So, it is recommended that you see a specialist when it comes to these issues and usually not a general physician. The doctor will do a medical history check, physical examination, and request imaging investigations, a biopsy, urine tests, blood tests, or imaging studies if they suspect kidney disease.
  • It is also of importance that children be taken specifically to pediatric nephrologists instead of doctors for adults. This is because kids are not simply miniature grownups. Their developing bodies require special medical care. They typically communicate their worries in different ways than adults. They are not always able to be patient and cooperative, and they cannot always provide medical answers. Pediatric nephrologists are skilled at examining and treating kids in ways that encourage cooperation and relaxation. Pediatric nephrologists also employ medical technology specifically made for kids. This allows your child to get comfortable with the treatment.
  • Some common childhood diseases are posterior urethral valve obstruction, fetal hydronephrosis, polycystic kidney disease, multicystic kidney disease, renal tubular acidosis and more. If you’re looking for a pediatric kidney specialist near you, we recommend visiting us!

Best Cancer Hospital in Ahmedabad
Best Cancer Hospital in Ahmedabad